Shipping has started

textgram_1502084820.pngWe have started shipping out to every online customer. It will take a few days to finish shipping every order. And then we will send you tracking numbers. Sorry for keeping you waiting for so long.


Photos from the factory

We want to share with you some pictures of Macinbots from the factory. Assembling is almost done. Some batches has started packaging process.  The lot should arrive our office around the 3rd or 4th of August. And then we will ship to the online buyers asap. For Toysoul buyers we will arrange pick up with Tiny immediately after the toys arrive Hong Kong.

Sorry again for keep you waiting. But we hope the end result is wroth the wait.


Update on production, and apology for further delay.

We are deeply sorry to tell you that the shipping date or pick up date (for Toysoul customers) is further moved to end of July.

The tooling of the mold is done. We are really happy with the final test as since in the pictures here. Sadly the factory is so busy that we are waiting in line to start the production. That is the reason for the further delay.

To compensate we have designed two small sticker (75cm x 55 cm) to be included in the set.

Apology again, and we are more than happy to refund in this situation



It has only been roughly a month and a half since Macinbot Classic debuted in Toysoul. It is amazing how far the news of it has traveled. We have been talked about around the world, from Taiwan, China, Thailand, to the USA and France. We have customers from India, Uk, and Mexico. We are very grateful to all the fans and journalists that make this happens. We will continue our hard work and make sure  the final product is as good as it can be!