It has only been roughly a month and a half since Macinbot Classic debuted in Toysoul. It is amazing how far the news of it has traveled. We have been talked about around the world, from Taiwan, China, Thailand, to the USA and France. We have customers from India, Uk, and Mexico. We are very grateful to all the fans and journalists that make this happens. We will continue our hard work and make sure  the final product is as good as it can be!

Thailand here we go!!



We are so happy to announce our partnership with JP Toys. JP Toys is a leading brand in designer toys in Thailand. They are the sole distributor of some of the most famous designer toys. We are glad Macinbot is introduced to Thailand through them. Do check out their facebook.

Rebirth of a classic design

Roughly a year ago, I got the idea of turning classic products design into collectible figure. This idea seemed to appear out of nowhere. But I bet it was a natural result of being a toy collectors and product design lovers for my whole life. Since the conception, I knew I need to make that idea happens or I will regret not doing so.
Now I am so happy to bring Macinbot Classic to live. It was not exactly easy. From the first sketch, numerous 3D printed test models, to the final prototype, It is incredible how much efforts needed to be put in this little guys.
As a new brand we are both exited and anxious. We hope there are geeks and toy lovers out there who will want to add Macinbot Classic to their collections. Macinbot Classic will deput in Toysoul 2016, Hong Kong. It is one of the major toy exhibition in Asia. See you there.
—Phil from playsometoys


This is the last 3D printed test model before the final prototype which you will see in Toysoul. Guess what we have modified?