Delayed pick up for Toysoul buyers

Dear Hong Kong Fans, We are sorry to tell you that the pick up date of Toysoul Pre-order is moved from March to within May this year. We try to make Macinbot Classic perfect so we did make a few adjustments to the model after Toysoul. We are super sorry. For people who order online the shipping date remain the same within June.


2 thoughts on “Delayed pick up for Toysoul buyers

    1. Hi Wai Ming Khan

      Sorry to tell you that there is a further delay. The mold is finished but the factory is very busy so has not started production yet. We expect the products to be ready by mid to end of July. We are really sorry. To compensate we will give everyone a new set of 2 stickers. We will make official announcement very soon. Of course we will understand if any consumer want a refund. If you deicide to do so, please call Tiny Hong Kong to arrange.
      Thanks for you time.


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